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CBG Green

CBG develops and implements energy conservation plans using a proven approach that maximizes efficiency and project payback while minimizing future operating expenses and downtime. Our energy team consists of certified energy managers, professional engineers, LEED®-accredited professionals, and ASHRAE high-performance building design professionals. Our team has helped clients realize millions of dollars in energy savings every year―savings that can be redirected toward the facility and operational improvements.

CBG incorporates the best practices from multiple disciplines in order to create and implement an action plan to design and construct a facility which fits the energy efficiency, sustainability, and budget goals of our clients. CBG ensures a building that is not only built green but operates in the green as well.

CBG Green Services

Benchmarking, Energy Modeling and M&V

  • Full energy-modeling services
  • Full life-cycle-cost analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Calibrated whole-building-energy modeling
  • Measurement and verification
  • Full life-cycle-cost analysis
  • Energy Star Certification

LEED Administration and Energy Master Plans

  • LEED Administration
  • LEED documentation and technical support for LEED certifications
  • High-Performance Building Plan
  • Energy master plan development

Energy Auditing

  • Energy audits (ASHRAE  Level I, II, III)
  • Energy conservation measures cost estimating
  • 179D Tax credit adherence
  • C-PACE Energy Audits
  • LEED EBOM Energy Audits
  • BPI-Building Analysis Residential and Multi-Family Energy Audits

Sustainable Design

  • Net-zero energy buildings design consultation
  • Energy efficiency measure and sustainable design consultation
  • Envelope study and design for energy optimization
  • Design for water conservation
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Lighting Photometric analysis
  • Stormwater harvesting

Feasibility Studies and Facility Condition Assessments

  • Facility Condition Assessment and Deficiency List generation
  • Feasibility studies for all building systems, CHP and COGEN
  • All building systems Inventory logging and tagging
  • CQM-C Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • COVID-19 Compliance HVAC IAQ Studies

Renewable Energy Integration

  • Alternative energy efficiency and renewable projects funding options
  • Renewable energy analysis

Awards and Certifications

What Our Clients Say

"I have been fortunate to work with Capital Brand Group (CBG) at Washington Adventist Hospital (WAH) for the past two years. CBG has transformed our facilities program...Max Brand, CBG Owner and Principal, is the most talented mechanical engineer I have worked with in my 41-year career..." ​

- Marc Bloom, Executive Director
Washington Adventist Hospital

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"I can attest to [Executive Director of Energy and Sustainability] Mohamed’s qualities as a professional. He has the unique and uncanny ability to grasp the requirements of any task immediately and to flawlessly execute any task in a timely, efficient and totally professional manner..." ​

- CAPT Jeff W. Johnson, United States Navy (Ret)
Unity of Fairfax, EarthCare Ministry Team

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